Ruth: Jesus Great⁴³ Grandmother

Jesus’ Great⁴³ Grandmother was a lady named Ruth. She was an amazing lady that came from a place that worshiped Chemosh; She married a guy and he died so she decided to follow her mother-in-law and her God. She ends up in Bethlehem and through a series of “happenings” she marries a guy and they have a baby, who has a baby, who has a baby who becomes King. That King’s genealogy ends with Jesus Christ. It’s a pretty cool story.

Part 1: The story of Jesus’ Great⁴³ Grandmother

Part 2: All the Men are Dead

Part 3: Her Decision

Part 4: Naomi is a Prodigal

Part 5: Gleaning

Part 6: God’s Providence

Part 7: Boaz Was a Pretty Great Guy

Part 8: The Threshing Floor

Part 9: Ruth Needs a Redeemer

Part 10: A Proverbs 31 Woman

Part 11: Ruth’s Redemption

Part 12: Boaz and Ruth Wed

Part 13: A Legacy


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