The Word by The Dispatch

It is based off the idea of John 1:1, Jesus being the living Word and everything being created in and through him.

I’ve really been enjoying this song as of late. Really simple but good stuff.

Light came in the world where once the darkness reigned 
Light that shines for all, in Him all things were made 
We are given life through Jesus righteous name 

By the darkened world the Light was not received 
But to everyone who in his name believes 
Jesus gives the right to be a child of God 

Jesus, all things were made 
In Jesus, the light of men 
Is Jesus, our life is found in Him 

We have seen His glory, through the Son of Man 
He came as flesh and blood, so we could understand 
Full of grace and truth, His glory has no end 

Christ the Word, you came to save us 
Light of life, we sing your praises 
God of grace, your mighty name is


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