While minimalism may refer to a simplistic life style, much like that of Mohandas Gandhi; minimalism mainly refers to a concept in the arts.

Minimalism is a style that is characterized by spareness and simplicity in design elements.

There’s something about minimalism that I am drawn toward. I don’t appreciate eclectic art the way I appreciate minimalistic art and I’m not sure if there’s a psychological reason for this.

I think it comes down to the fact I don’t like overcrowding.

When I go to class I like to sit with empty seats around me or at the end of the row. I used to think I may be claustrophobic but I think it’s just a preference; and it overflows into other aspects of my life, mainly those which involve some design elements. I format all my work into the most minimalistic designs as possible; all my powerpoints are done with a minimalistic approach; even my whiteboard is organized in a minimalistic way. All done to avoid overcrowding.

If you want to see some sweet minimialist movie posters check this out. As well below is an example of minimalistic art.

Shoot by Kenneth Noland, 1964



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